Can You Machine Wash Pima Cotton?

Laundry can be a tricky thing. It seems like everything that you buy, no matter what type of fabric it’s made of, has very specific washing instructions that you have to abide by or else you’ll ruin your item forever! Whether it’s the delicate cycle, cold water, hang to dry, etc, if you’re not specific about how you launder your clothing and other fabric items, it can indeed either ruin them completely or simply alter them and make them unusable, such as when fabrics are shrunk.

Fortunately, some fabrics are pretty straightforward to take care of. Both cotton and pima cotton are easily taken care of, because they don’t generally require any special washing or care techniques. The only thing that you need to be careful of with pima cotton is that it has a propensity to shrink when you wash it for the first time. What you don’t want to do with most cotton items is dry them in a hot dryer. You want to dry sheets, especially high quality pima cotton sheets, on a low temperature or hang them up to dry to avoid shrinkage.