Can You Machine Wash Pima Cotton?

Laundry can be a tricky thing. It seems like everything that you buy, no matter what type of fabric it’s made of, has very specific washing instructions that you have to abide by or else you’ll ruin your item forever! Whether it’s the delicate cycle, cold water, hang to dry, etc, if you’re not specific about how you launder your clothing and other fabric items, it can indeed either ruin them completely or simply alter them and make them unusable, such as when fabrics are shrunk.

Fortunately, some fabrics are pretty straightforward to take care of. Both cotton and pima cotton are easily taken care of, because they don’t generally require any special washing or care techniques. The only thing that you need to be careful of with pima cotton is that it has a propensity to shrink when you wash it for the first time. What you don’t want to do with most cotton items is dry them in a hot dryer. You want to dry sheets, especially high quality pima cotton sheets, on a low temperature or hang them up to dry to avoid shrinkage.

The Best Dish Heaters of 2017

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Cool snaps, falling leaves, and windy days. We all know what happens next: winter!

It’s time to break out the space heaters, folks. Even if you have a house that has a decent HVAC system, you can still run into times when you just feel a little too cool in certain places, so space heaters are sometimes a necessity. They can be expensive to operate, though, and pose a fire hazard.

Fortunately, a new type of space heater that’s designed specifically to provide instant and concentrated heat: dish heaters. They’re not designed to heat a whole room, but to provide heat just where you want it and save energy doing it. So, if you’re working in a small area of a large room, they can definitely help keep you warm while not costing as much to operate as other types of space heaters.

Here are the best dish heaters below.

Presto Heat Dish Plus Parabolic Electric Heater

presto-parabolic-dish-heaterThis heater made by Presto Engineers out of Wisconsin focuses heat where it’s needed most: on you! It includes “infinite switch” technology, which allows you to select just the right amount of heat so you never get over or underheated! It also comes equipped with a warning buzzer for tip-overs; when the device is tipped over, it not only shuts off, but emits a loud buzzer so you’ll know instantly, even in another room.

It uses 1000 watts of energy, which is 1/3 less than regular space heaters and heats up instantly, so there’s no waiting to feel the warmth.

You can get yours here.

Optimus H-4438 14 Inch Oscillating Dish Heater With Remote

optimus-h-4438-dish-heaterThis heater by Optimus includes the ability to oscillate 75° and allows for the unit to be tiled up or down as you please. It has a cool-touch housing and operates quietly, so no loud electric noise while it’s running. You can choose 2 settings, the 800 watt or 1200 watt, but it still uses less energy than conventional space heaters do. It also includes a timer with 3 different settings.

You can get yours here.


Optimus H-4501 14 Inch Oscillating Pedestal Digital Dish Heater With Remote

optimus-h-4501-dish-heaterThis oscillating heater by Optimus has the advantage of being on a pedestal, so you don’t have to have a counter or table to set it on to reap the benefits. It, like the previous Optimus heater we listed, also includes 2 settings, 800w and 1200w. It has a digital thermostat control and a timer that will let you choose from as little as 30 minutes all the way up to 8 hours. It will turn off automatically if it’s tipped over and includes an overload thermal protector, so it will cut off automatically if it’s overloaded. The dish also tilts up or down.

You can get yours here.

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What To Do About Black Mold

Water damage comes in a lot of different forms. One of the most tenacious forms that it comes in is that of mold. Mold is one of the worst forms of water damage because of the tremendous negative effects it can have on both your home’s structure as well as the health of anybody in your home. Mold can come from just about any source whether from floods, leaky pipes, or simple negligence. When you encounter it due to flooding it should be handled by an Orlando flood repair specialist. Here are some of the tell tale signs of mold and what you should do about it should you encounter it.

What Black Mold Can Do To Your Home

The first thing you need to understand is that mold is a highly corrosive substance. When it latches onto the walls or wooden foundation of your home you will quickly find that the surface starts to become discolored. Even worse is the fact that it will soon begin to rot. This is due to the corrosive quality of the mold. If it latches onto the home’s wooden foundation then it could eventually cause it to rot. Over time this becomes a problem that is incredibly dangerous because it means that the wooden foundation of your home is no longer safe.

What Black Mold Can Do To Your Health

Black mold is able to travel throughout your home by sending out microscopic spores which cling to any surface that has the right combination of heat and moisture. Heat and moisture are two things that the human body have an abundance of. While the spores are being sent out there is always a high probability that a person could inhale them. This can cause health problems. Sometimes these problems manifest themselves as a light cough. Other times they can become a serious respiratory illness. When things reach their worst case scenario the person can die as a result of the mold exposure.

How to Find Black Mold

The first thing that you need to know about finding black mold is the smell. Black mold carries with it an unmistakeable odor that will probably be familiar to you if you have ever been in a musty old basement or attic. It is an easy to remember musty smell that needs to be approached with caution, If you can smell mold then there is always the big chance that you are also inhaling it. If you smell this odor while you are on the lookout for mold then you need to double back to a place without the smell and move forward while wearing a respirator. This will help to prevent you from inhaling any of the spores.

You also need to be on the look out for any discoloration on your walls, furniture, or in areas such as the bathroom which may have exposed piping. Anywhere that moisture can gather in your home is a likely target for mold growth as mold needs moisture in order to grow and thrive.

What to Do When You Find Black Mold

When you find black mold in your home your first instinct will likely be to try and take care of it yourself. While it is totally understandable you may want to walk back your thinking just a little bit. Black mold is a substance that is highly unpredictable and should be handled by a professional, such as one from Damage Control 911. This is the best way to ensure that the mold is taken care of quickly but thoroughly. It is the best way to ensure that your life is back to normal in no time.

If you happen to have encountered small scale mold that can be handled by yourself then here is a video that will detail how you can clean it up safely and thoroughly.


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Why Egyptian Cotton is So Special

Are you one of the many millions of people who are having a hard time getting to sleep? You may wonder why it seems like nothing you do gets you a better night’s sleep. Have you ever stopped to consider that your bed may not be optimized to give you the best possible sleep at night? You may think that your bed is perfectly comfortable but think about how many nights you have spent up to an hour trying to get to sleep. It could very well be that your bedsheets are not up to the task of helping you get some much-needed rest.


Your Bed Beyond the Mattress

When you think about your bed and how comfortable it is you more than likely are thinking about the mattress. The mattress is the most overrated part of the bed. It is the mildly competent lead singer backed up by the truly talented musicians in the band. Music analogies aside, of course the mattress is important. But the mattress would be highly uncomfortable without the blankets, pillows, and of course the sheets. The sheets are the first thing you come into contact with when you lay down so in a strange way they set the tone for the sleep you get that night.

When you want to get the best possible night’s sleep and want to get the right sheets for the job you can do no better than Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton sheets are the epitome of style, function, and comfort. They are simply the best sheets that you can get on the market bar none. If you want a better night’s sleep then you want Egyptian cotton sheets. You can learn quite a bit about Egyptian cotton sheets at Luxury of the Pharaohs.

Is the Price Right?

Now, it does need to be said that the cost of Egyptian cotton is significantly higher than any other kind of cotton on the market. This is because of the way it is created. Egyptian cotton is not created with the same plant as cotton around the rest of the world. Egyptian cotton has the highest thread count because the plant produces the highest fiber count. This is a direct result of exposure to the Egyptian climate.

The higher thread count means that you have a sheet that is far more durable than a regular cotton sheet. You now have a sheet that will last you longer than any regular sheet. There is a good possibility that you could have an Egyptian cotton sheet for decades without any real wear and tear so long as you take proper care of it.

Egyptian cotton is the epitome of luxury in the world of bedding. However, it is also an incredibly comfortable option for people who are looking to get a better nights’ sleep without having to trade out an otherwise comfortable bed. If you want to learn even more about Egyptian cotton click here.

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